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Sponsor Prospectus

The local Viticultural Society has recently changed its name to the Viticultural Society of the Canberra District to better reflect its position as one of the key players in a wine district that is attracting increasing national and international attention for the high quality of its product.

As part of its "rebranding", the Viticultural Society has also recently launched its new website at, so as to provide a communications focus for its members and a central access point for both potential clients for Society members and suppliers of goods and services to Society members.

The Society is offering the opportunity for such suppliers to advertise on the website as "Sponsors" of the site. Sponsors will;

  • have their logo, contact details and a link to their own website prominently displayed on the "Home Page" of the Society's website,
  • have the opportunity to place ad hoc advertisements of relevant goods and services on the Society's website "For Sale/Wanted" page at no cost,
  • have the opportunity to attend a General meeting of the Society to present their Company and introduce their products and/or services, and
  • have the opportunity to advertise their events eg Field Days on the website.

The Society's membership is presently 55, which represents approximately 60% of vineyard owners in the Canberra District and its membership continues to grow. It is also worth noting that a number of vineyard owners are also local winemakers and, as such, sponsoring and advertising on the Society's website provides a very cost effective and direct link to a wide range of users of viticultural and broader wine industry goods and services.

The Society is making this "Sponsorship" offer available to interested Companies at $250 per year. It is not an Exclusive Offer as the Society is interested in ensuring that its members are aware as many potential suppliers of goods and services of relevance to the industry as possible, hence the very reasonable rate.

Should you be interested in taking up this offer, please contact - - to discuss arrangements.