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Website advertising policy.

The VSCD internet website is primarily to facilitate communication between VSCD members and between members and the wider community. Members are encouraged to advertise on the website that they have grapes for sale, or that they have ad hoc goods and/or services for sale. The VSCD also encourages sponsors to support the VSCD and in return offers advertising on the website.

Financial members and sponsors may place advertisements on the website free of charge (this may be reviewed in the future).

Helm Wines
Helm Wines
Advertising grapes for sale is limited to financial members only. They are able log in to the “Members Only” area of the website and follow the prompts to place advertisements for “grapes for sale” or Ad Hoc Advertisements. These will be automatically posted on the website by the webmaster. Members must include a use-by date when the advert will be removed.

Sponsors should email their request and details for an advertisement to and these will be passed on to the webmaster. These advertisements are part of the benefits of sponsorship.

Non-financial members, or non-sponsors may also advertise on the website for a fee of $50 per advertisement. Requests should be sent to and will be invoiced and payable before the advert is posted to the website.

The VSCD reserves the right to refuse advertisements if in the view of the VSCD Executive the offered goods or services are not of relevance to the VSCD or the broader wine industry.

The VSCD does not take responsibility for the content or accuracy of advertisements placed on the website. Nor does the VSCD give any guarantees on the availability of the website.